Metallic Marble Showroom Floors

Showrooms are spaces used to showcase and exhibit products to the public at large. These spaces can be anywhere from small to incredibly large, but they all need to be decorative and enticing to potential customers. A major part of keeping any showroom performing and looking great is having an attractive floor. Showrooms are usually […]

The Decorative Concrete Industry

Concrete contractors around the world are adding decorative concrete to their list of services. Concrete on its own is a strong, durable, and long lasting flooring choice. From residential homes to large commercial spaces, concrete is a popular option for many different areas. The popularity of decorative concrete continue has continued to grow and many […]

What is DCU?

Decorative Concrete is a billion-dollar industry that continues to grow. From durable industrial coatings to stylish decorative flooring options, the need for decorative concrete flooring is on the rise. While many home, businesses, and industrial spaces were once relegated to boring, gray slabs, breakthroughs in decorative concrete technology mean there are more flooring options to […]