Marketing Your Business

By completing this course you will be one step closer into moving your business into the Digital Marketing Era. Learn how put your business in front of your customers with Facebook and Pinterest. With our proven Digital Marketing Program you can gain the edge on your competitors. By Applying the things you will learn in this course, you can successfully market to your potential customers. Take charge of your business today by enrolling in our FREE Digital Marketing Course!

Course Focus:

  • Facebook Marketing
  • Pinterest Promoted Pins
  • Instagram Marketing

Course Information


Course Instructor

Andy Franklin Andy Franklin Author

As the creator and Executive Publisher of, Andy has built a decorative concrete network that connects contractors with customers. In addition to running the popular Decorative Concrete Kingdom, Andy is the Director of Training for The Concrete Protector, teaching training classes and sharing his expertise with contractors who attend. Andy also shares his knowledge through his work as a Tech Support & Marketing Advisor for The Concrete Protector. For close to 20 years, Andy has been involved in the Decorative Concrete Industry. From independent contractor to business development rep to systems trainer. In 2012 - 2014, Andy started working with TCP as a consultant while continuing to run a successful contracting business. In 2014, he sold that business and is now dedicated full time to the success & future development of The Concrete Protector’s systems and product lines. From installation expertise to marketing know-how, Andy is committed to helping contractors develop and grow their own successful decorative concrete business.



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